About the Campaign

Alexender Lukashenka, President of Belarus, is known as ‘Europe’s last dictator’. Lukashenka has now turned his authoritarian regime on soft toys.

Recently a Swedish PR firm parachuted teddy bears with messages about democracy over Minsk in an attempt to break through the media censorship imposed by the regime. Since then Lukashenka has asked all Swedish Diplomats to leave the country and begun a diplomatic dispute over the issue.

Later two journalists were arrested in Belarus for protesting against the regime by taking a photo of themselves with a soft toy.

These are the kind of actions we sadly expect from Lukashenka. His police beat and arrest those who campaign for democracy, his regime rig elections whilst the media is censored to hide these crimes against human rights. Still Belarus imprisons and tortures political prisoners, including young campaigners for democracy.

All of this is happening in Europe.

This site will continue to stay on the internet.  Liberal Youth are now planning a national campaign on the issue with an embassy demo planned for later this year.

It has now also been confirmed a delegation from IFRLY (International Federation Liberal Youth) were detained by police and forced to leave the country after a fact finding trip there, and with “with elections” planned for September we must keep awareness up.

This site regulary achieved high views from Belarus but Lukashenko’s media clampdown, including the beating of VK users for spreading anti-regime material.  Since then we have all but lost viewership from the country.  Despite this we now have well over 20,000 views worldwide, international media attention and politician support.

Show your solidarity for the arrested journalists and those who campaign for freedom in Belarus.

Send a picture of yourself with a soft toy to sam.fisk@liberalyouth.org with a message of support to show solidarity.  If you wish to remain anonymous then there is no need for you to be in the picture.

Please get in touch if you are interested in getting involved with Liberal Youth’s campaign on human rights in Belarus, the campaign will be going to branches across the UK the country.

*This is a campaign by International Officers Sam Fisk & Harriet Ainscough of Liberal Youth, United Kingdom*


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